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Customised Book Covers

Let me shape your book with a great design and refine your promotions for social media before you launch.


Savage Shadow
David O’Reilly

An aniversary reprint of a rare book in its field reprinted to give it a second life.
Design: This project followed on from the theme of a previous project, "Australian Big Cats". Typography and image treatment was designed to make them a compaign set.


Focus Publishing

The bi-laterial relationship of business, arts, and resources between Australia and Japan.
Design: Cultural immersion. Using the iconic Sydney Opera House, with a Japanese business man looking inside, while on the back cover, an Australian business man stands in the National Arts Centre Tokyo.



Design for series of books exploring the rise of contemporary witchcraft.
Design: Using real witches, practising real witchcraft in a specially designed photo-shoot with photographer Inga Ritter. The image captures the nocturnal nature of the subject material.


Australian Big Cats
Michael Williams & Rebecca Lang

Subtitled, "An Unnatural History of Panthers".
Design: Tracing the history of these mysterious and elusive animals, the cover design was created with a sense of the 'X-files' and the 'truth is out there' in mind; while the reader is followed by an ever watchful eye'.  View sample pages...


Private Equity in Australia
Focus Publishing

Private Equity Media developed a book concept to support individual companies across this sector using 24 case studies.
Design: Using a well known landmark, the Anzac Bridge spanning Johnstons Bay in Sydney, with it's cable-stayed design that as metaphor of support under tension, a feature also seen in Private Equity.


CommonWealth Bank
Focus Publishing

Commonwealth Bank 100th Anniversary
A history book drawing from the archives of the Commonwealth Bank that helped to build Australia.
Design: The conceptual for the cover shows a 'mother' archetype who stands at the back in a nurturing role to the 'child' who represents the future for Australia. 


Ethan Doyle White

Author Ethan Doyle White is an academic in archaeology.
Design: The project required photo realism I art directed a photo-shoot with visiting German photographer Inga Ritter. It was important to me that the image for the cover depict real witches, practising real witchcraft given the academic subject material.


Rebecca Lang

Documenting sightings of animals thought extinct and those in search of the truth.
Design: Depiction of an endless road and those who are 'driven' to find the truth. The image-montage creates a thin line between the civilised world (inside the car) and what lay just over the next hill, into the 'wild'.


Frances Billinghurst

Collected essays from a diverse group of individuals explore a modern paganisms relationship to it's primative roots.
Design: Using an image of modern practitioner of a primitive spirituality. Using a photomontage technique to place the figure into a deep cave.